Pay and get paid, anywhere.
Global payments with one simple integration.

A network of global payment channels that make it effortless for your business to move money around the world with confidence - fast, easy, and secure.


Send and receive bank transfers, cash, card top-ups and even crypto


Madali provides coverage where you need it most. Giving you more payment options than ever before

Customizable reporting 

Reports and summaries your accountant will love. Familiar and easy to export formats


Let us take on your regulatory burden with full licensing and structures that work for compliance-heavy industries

Frictionless setup

Our single API is easy to integrate with, you’ll be up and running in days, not weeks

The easiest way to pay people

The Travel-Rule requires virtual asset service providers (VASP) to share certain basic information about their customers when sending funds over a certain amount to another financial institution and to provide proof of wallet ownership.

Whether you are paying employees, partners, gig workers, marketplace participants, platform users, or handling remittances - we have you covered.

More choice, more coverage, less headaches.

Zero setup or integration fees

It won’t cost your business a thing to expand your global payment reach to new markets, opening up more opportunities

Introduce a new revenue stream to your business

Reach customers in markets previously out of reach, all with one simple intergration

Reach millions of new users

By adding support for new payment and disbursement methods you can do business in markets that have previously been too complicated

1 API, and 1 account
Countries served
ATMs for your users collect cash in the USA
<15 mins
Cross border payments, it's that fast

One plugin to give your users the feeling of freedom and choice

     allow="accelerometer; autoplay; camera; gyroscope; payment"

Install with only a few lines of code

Madali only takes a few minutes to install. Our turnkey integration seamlessly embeds into your existing interface, offering your customers a smooth, familiar, and consistent experience

Expand your reach

Send cross-border.
Lightning fast ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Cheaper fees

Users pay less and have more choice, with a smoother experience.

Galactic level scalability

Send small payments or mammoth payments, and anything in between

Reach a new audience

Reach millions of people using madali for daily transactions

Who is it for?

If you send payments or offer user-initiated payments, we’re for you.
Instant, 24/7 global payment collection and disbursement.

Ready to get started?

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